CURIOPlayer Z8

The CURIOPlayer Z8 is a compact, certified music player tailored for business IT environments.
Setting up in minutes, it provides out-of-box functionality and custom integration possibilities with PlayNetwork’s APIs, while also supporting over-the-air software updates to keep your players secure and offering the latest capabilities. Music content is stored locally to reduce network load and updates can be scheduled for whatever time you want. And by using the CURIOPlayer UI, you or your staff can browse, select, and change the music from anywhere in your store, hotel, restaurant, or venue.

CURIOPlayer Z8 Features:

• Plug-and-play setup with auto-on and auto-play
• Uninterrupted playback of music from local storage
• Outbound-only communication over standard and secure network port 443
• Custom Integrations
• Over-the-air software updates

How it works:

The CURIOPlayer Z8 initiates a connection to PlayNetwork’s content delivery network. The CURIOPlayer Z8 sends periodic status information throughout the day, retrieves content updates and PlayNetwork application updates when available.

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CURIOPlayer Web UI

Manage the music playback on your CURIOPlayer Z8 from most web-enabled computers, tablets, or smartphones.

  • Channel View:

View a list of available channels and update your queue. 




  • What’s Playing:

The artist name and song title are displayed for the currently playing song.




  • Volume Control:

Increase or decrease the volume easily without needing to access the hardware.




soundjack Dash

The soundjack dashboard allows your playlists and diagnostics to be accessed remotely from your laptop or smartphone.

Your background music is controlled via the dashboard and you can view, review and change tracks and styles on a site-by-site basis.

You can even manage segments by parts of the day and add special tracks and audio advertising whenever required.

Commercial information is also available on the dashboard including the financial performance of your sites and information such as how much each venue is making from plays, how many tracks are being played and most played tracks.

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soundjack Playlist

Personalisation is the essence of what we deliver. Not one thing soundjack does is “standard”, from creating curated playlists for every customer to creating an app where users can make their own musical choices. 

The web-accessed dashboard allows every playlist to be amended based on data from users. This enables you to refine and improve the connection between your customers and your business or brand.

How it works

Does the CURIOPlayer Z8 stream music?+-

No, the CURIOPlayer Z8 does not stream music. The CURIOPlayer Z8 only plays content that is located on the CURIOPlayer Z8’s local storage.

How does the CURIOPlayer Z8 get content?+-

The CURIOPlayer Z8 ships pre-loaded with music content and then downloads new content when available.

How large are music updates and how often do music updates happen?+-

Downloads range between 5MB and 25MB. The player retrieves new content as needed for playback during the next 24 hours.

Can a download window be configured so music downloads happen during off-peak business hours?+-

Yes, download windows may be configured. An example of a typical download window is 1am - 5am. The download window is based on the player’s local time The default window is open 24 hours.

Is music content securely delivered?+-

• Content is securely delivered to the CURIOPlayer Z8 over HTTPS.
• Content is in a proprietary format that is unreadable and unplayable by other applications and devices.
• CURIOPlayer Z8 does not accept inbound TCP connections.

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