a simple but professional alternative solution for legal background music in your venue

Choose from our song collections or personalize your own

Search by Artist or song

Manage Upcoming songs in the Queue

Customize curated music collections

  • Just download an iOS based app
  • Familiar interface for managing and playing music
  • Multiple instances can be used simultaneously to create or edit collections for specific areas — lobbies, fitting rooms, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and more
  • Create collections from the curated library – ensuring a sound that’s always on-brand while giving flexibility to employees.
  • Lock playback with Continuity feature
  • Shuffle playback for any collection

Handpicked Music

  • Includes music collections created by our music supervisors for use in businesses like yours
  • Prevent browsing fatigue – our team picks the right songs from a sea of millions so you don’t have to
  • Regular updates to collections are automatically received and instantly available
  • All songs are fully-licensed for commercial use

Handpicked Music.

Play genre and theme-based collections from our music supervisors or curated collections designed for your brand.

Customized by You.

Personalize collections and instantly tailor them for time of day, energy/mood, or customer request from a familiar interface.

Available Everywhere.

Access music collections in all of your stores from any supported iOS device.

Curio Select Collections Lineup

There are 40 Personalised collections already constructed to give your venue all the correct music in simple playlists.

Our experienced professional music teams have assembled the finest ‘Named’ collections so you can easily pick suitable genres for you venue.

You can also instantly fine tune them for time of day, energy/mood, or customer request all from a familiar interface into your own ‘Collections’.

minimum 12 mths agreement

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