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CURIOPlayer is the platform that provides a fully managed on line music solution that is in tune with your brand - your customers and your business focus.

Our Clients

Our clients represent the biggest community of brands who love music and who want to share that with their customers, including Starbucks, Marc Jacobs, Anthropologie, Nike, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, and more. These companies trust us to design, curate, and deploy their in-store music programs worldwide. And when combined with our digital platforms, in-store music can be delivered anywhere.

Leading music provider for global brands

Consisting of musicians, DJs, former label executives, and more, our music team is what makes PlayNetwork the leading music provider for global brands. We catalog each song in our library with over 170 characteristics, and consider the archetypes, brand DNA, and technology that will deliver the best customer experience through music. 

No matter if you need a channel-based solution for one location or a branded music strategy for 1,000, we ensure you get the right sound. PlayNetwork music services are available for:

  • Branded Music Strategy:A unique creative process built to give your brand a strategic, actionable approach to music. Think of it as the music section of your brand guidelines. 
  • Music Curation and Supervision:The on-going programming of custom music programs for in-store, digital, and at-event touch points. We partner with you to ensure the program is fine-tuned and that customer feedback is incorporated.
  • Business Mixes:Don’t need a custom program and but want to leverage our music expertise in your small or single location business? Subscribe to our Channel Suite, Business Suite, or Master Suite music subscriptions and get up to 325 frequently updated music channels based on genre, business type, daypart, theme, and more.

CURIOPlayer is PlayNetwork’s family of media hardware that stores and deploys content

Dedicated, reliable hardware - Easy plug-and-play setup in minutes on most networks - Reduced hardware investment


  • Control of content playback via a browser-based web app that can be accessed from most Internet connected devices such as computers, tablets, or smart phones
  • Uninterrupted playback from local storage (store-andforward)
  • Dual-zone playback
  • Equipped with standard network ports
  • Content management features such as dayparting
  • Integration with PlayNetwork’s expanding product offering
  • Rapid and scheduled updates pushed via the cloud

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