Version 1.6 Brings New Features to the soundjack App!

The latest version of the soundjack app (version 1.6) is now available from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores. Download the app for access to ground-breaking digital technology, that lets you pick and play the music at any soundjack enabled venue.

What’s New in soundjack Version 1.6?


We have introduced “Recommendations” to the venue homepage. Recommendations is an automatically generated list of tracks, unique to each user. A clever algorithm picks the music that it feels you would like to listen to!

Recommendations are based on tracks that are currently available at the venue and music that the users have chosen to play in the past. These recommendations are also act as a “discovery” list for new and exciting artists that the venue wants you to hear!



Using recommendations means that users can now pick a track to play with just 2 clicks of their smartphone!


We have replaced the soundmap feature with a “History” button. This makes choosing and playing songs a lot more of a streamlined process! The History feature comes with easy editing functionality so that you can see all the tracks you have played in venues around the country and share them with your friends via Facebook and Twitter!

Venue Listing

You asked for it and we listened! We’ve also begun listing all the venues we support in the “Change Venue” screen so that you can see if they are on or offline. Nonconnected venues are ‘greyed out’ and appear as ‘offline’, so if your closest venue is offline when you open the app, it will let you know that, allowing you to choose another venue that’s online.


We’ve also worked hard on fixing numerous bugs within the app for both Apple and Android users. Your feedback is important to us, so let us know what you think of soundjack v 1.6 by leaving us a review or rating over on the app stores now!

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