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Songs and Shots Here at soundjack we understand the importance of music on a night out and that when there’s a shot, there’s always a song that should follow! So as a special initiation to our soundjack blog and with the help of our existing soundjackers, we have come up with a few song/shot combinations you will definitely want to try!

Tequila’ by the Champs, whilst drinking Tequila. The more extreme version of this would be a ‘Hot Mexican Hooker shot’. This is a combination of tequila and Tabasco, topped up with tuna fish brine… The song depends greatly on the outcome of this shot and therefore you have a choice of Snoop Dog’s ‘This is why I’m Hot’ or Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Why’. ‘

Sambuca’- DJ Luck & MC Neat If it’s flaming remember to put it out, wandering around the bar with a mouth stuffed with wet tissue is not a good look.

You could take more of a process approach to this and drink as you’re told. Start with a mini ‘Tequila Sunrise’- Cypress Hill’s choice of beverage and then move on to John Lee Hooker, who takes a more serious approach to drinking with ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.’ Having then reached for the ‘Red, Red Wine’ (UB40), you’ll be ‘Drunk Again’ (Reel Big Fish).

Why not have a token rhyming shot with a Pickle Back to any Nickelback? In 2010, there was a campaign to see if a Pickleback page could get more likes than the Nicklelback Facebook page

The Facebook user briefly achieved their goal and then soon after deleted their account.

Is it Friday? If so you should be singing along to Psychostick’s ‘Jagermeister’ (with a jagermeister in hand of course). It’s not too hard to remember, just stick to the chorus… ‘I can’t see, now I have to pee and I can’t count to three but I can count to JAGERMEISTER.

’And if you are in the mood for a simple sing along you should be listening to the ‘Dr Pepper Song’ with a Flaming Dr Pepper (draft beer, ¼ oz of White Rum, 3/4oz of amaretto). The key line to remember to this banger is ‘I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper, we’re a pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?’

You may wish to ‘Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf’ (The Killers) for the night however and combine chocolate milk, ice cream and root beer for some Mud Soda shots! Obviously you will also be listening to ‘Like a Virgin’- Madonna/ Pink – ‘Sober’.



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