Should You Let Customers Choose The Music?

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Modern technology over the years has allowed businesses to engage with their customers on a greater scale than ever before, and businesses have been taking full advantage of this new company-customer relationship to push their brand into new directions and build up their customer loyalty. From social media polls to decide what products to discount next to online competitions to develop new products, customers are more actively involved in the shaping of a brand than ever before.

Customers don’t expect to be just told what to do, or served what is available anymore. They expect to have some involvement in the process. And with the wide availability of choice these days, customers know that they hold all the power. If they’re not satisfied, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

A customer-first business strategy involves allowing your customers to drive the decision making. And if trends are showing that businesses are pushing to put more customers in the driving seat when it comes to what products to put on sale or idea generation in general, then in-store music naturally follows that customer-first trend. In the hospitality business, the background music played at your establishment can be a vital component of the customer experience. It can serve to either align your brand with your target customers’ interests or alienate and repel them. It’s a risky thing to get wrong.

By making the decision to let customers choose the music they listen to at your venue or establishment, you’re no longer forcing customers to endure tracks that they don’t like. They have a choice. And their choices can help you narrow down your brand’s music profile for your target audience.

This isn’t a new concept. Pubs and bars have made use of jukeboxes for years to allow their customers to choose their own background music, with the additional benefit of drawing new revenue from the machines. But traditional jukeboxes are outdated for most venues. There’s a very limited choice in music available and requires customers to physically get up from their seats and insert coins to play their song choice. In an increasingly “cashless” generation, customers may not always have the change in their wallets, nor do they want to abandon a conversation to get up and pick a song.

How To Let Customers Choose The Music


soundjack offers businesses a way for customers to use the free soundjack app (for both Android and iPhone) to choose from millions of songs from the comfort of their seat. Song selection can then become a more social experience as friends sit around a table and decide amongst them what song to put on next, even provoking new conversation along the lines of “have you heard so-and-so’s new song that just came out?”. No big, boxy jukebox necessary – you just hook up the included soundjack tablet to your audio system and it’s as easy as that! And there’s no need for cash when customers can buy and spend credits using the free app. If you don’t want to set pay-per-play price points for the background music service, you are free to keep the song decisions free of charge to your customers to encourage greater engagement.

The app also allows your customers to promote your venue via their social media accounts, by sharing their song choices and automatically tagging you in them!

Of course, one might think it’s a risky decision to give an individual power of the music played that may not be suited to the other customers. Which is why the soundjack dashboard gives the manager full control over what music can or can’t be played by limiting song choice to those pre-selected by the manager in curated playlists and libraries. So if you’re not sure that your business’ demographic would enjoy death metal as they’re wining and dining, you can easily prevent certain music from being available to the customer. Or if you’re hosting a David Bowie themed night, you can limit your customers’ choice to only David Bowie songs. Other establishments, on the other hand, may be open to any customer-chosen tracks being played, trusting that their customer has fantastic music choice. soundjack is a great solution for those businesses too, as customers are able to choose from up to 5 million songs, including all the Top 40 hits throughout the decades, and updated weekly with all the latest tunes.

Not only that, but your soundjack dashboard will allow you to see the type of music that customers are most frequently playing so that you can build a more accurate customer profile, and play the music that your customers have been proven to like in between customer song selections. You’ll also be able to view your income made from pay-per-play music selections.

Types Of Businesses That This Could Work For

  • Pubs
    Pubs and bars are the obvious choice for letting customers choose the music they listen to when sitting down for a meal or a drink with their friends; traditional jukeboxes are historically synonymous with bars. New technology has now revitalised the jukebox trend of decades past – why get up to use a jukebox if you have the free app?
  • Restaurants
    Restaurants and cafés (as well as other dining establishments) may find that by choosing to let customers to pick the music, they are able to keep customers at their tables for longer. Of course, this will all depend on the type of restaurant or café (letting customers choose the background music won’t be appropriate for all dining establishments). But, for example, if you’re a dessert bar that often has school children pop in after school for an ice cream or milkshake with their friends, you may find that by allowing them to pick and choose the music they will stay longer and spend more on drinks or snacks, and even invite more friends to come with them. The music becomes part of the entire restaurant experience.
  • Hairdressers
    Hairdressers and salons usually attract a lot of customer loyalty, as customers become casual friends with their usual hairdresser and engage in conversation during the appointment. By allowing your clients to select the music on their app, they can relax and feel more comfortable listening to their choice of music as they are being pampered. It can also provide some entertainment as they wait for their appointment!
  • Shops
    Many well-known shops in London have made the decision to let customers choose the music they listen to as they are shopping via their app. In fact, it’s becoming more trendy to do so! It can keep customers in-store for longer, as they listen to the music that they want over the speakers, and make it more of an event if they’re shopping in a group of friends, as they can discuss what songs they want to listen to next as they shop.

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