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  • IFPI Report Shows Streaming Driving Music Revenue Growth

    IFPI Global Report Shows Streaming Revenues Driving Global Music Revenue Growth For the first time ever, global digital music revenue has overtaken physical revenue sales according to figures announced by IPFI, the global voice of the recording industry. This is an increase of 3.2% on the past year. Digital sales now contribute 45% of industry revenues, […]

  • How Hotels Can Use Music To Enhance Guests’ Experience

    Hotel background music is an integral part of a hotel’s brand identity, but many hotels aren’t using background music to their full advantage. If used strategically, the music played can have a positive effect on your customers and influence their decision to stay there again in future and spread word-of-mouth recommendations. But the music has to be coherent with the […]

  • PRS & PPL Joint Licence for Music “Will End Confusion”

    Good news for small businesses! One less invoice to worry about. Currently, you have to apply for a PPL licence and a PRS for Music licence separately as they are two separate entities. This has been a confusing nightmare for many small business owners who aren’t aware of the difference between the two licences, let […]

  • soundjack Wins “Most Effective B2B App” at the EMMAs

    Last month at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMA), organised by Mobile Marketing Magazine, soundjack were honoured to bring home our second EMMA. This time for “Most Effective B2B App”, having been awarded “Most Effective Mobile First Service” at last years ceremony. Now in its sixth year, the EMMA is the longest running awards programme […]

  • Top 10 Songs of 2015

    Happy New Year! What better way to kick-start 2016 than taking a look back at the Top 10 Songs of 2015! It’s been an amazing year for music. With streamed music now counting toward UK album charts and British music taking over the world, we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for […]

  • The Effect of Christmas Music on Shopping Behaviour

    The holidays are upon us! And it has now become impossible to go anywhere without hearing Christmas songs in the background. But why is it that so many businesses choose to play Christmas background music? Put simply, Christmas music puts us all in that festive mood which then prompts us to spend more. It’s a constant reminder […]

  • Playing Music In Your Hairdressers Or Beauty Salon

    Playing background music in your hairdressers or beauty salon is all part of the experience for your customers, shaping your brand by acting as a powerful component to creating the perfect atmosphere in your salon. It can leave an unforgettable impression on your customers and affect their perception of your business, so the music you choose […]

  • Can I use Spotify for my Business?

    Can I use Spotify for my Business? Quick answer: No. You can’t. At least, not legally. Not in the UK, anyway. In Sweden, Spotify’s motherland, businesses are able to pay to use the exclusive provider of Spotify Business and Spotify Enterprise but this service is unavailable elsewhere and limited to Sweden only. By using Spotify for […]

  • The Influence of Music for Restaurant Customers

    After numerous studies into the effects of Background Music on consumers, it goes without doubt that it can make an impact on influencing sales. Research shows that when making purchase decisions, the consumer responds to more than just the concrete product or service being offered. This supports the idea that the atmosphere within a store […]

  • 20 Great Music Video Collaborations Of The 21st Century

    We all love a good music collaboration. They bring our favourite artists all together in one place, allow us to hear their talents combine and see them strut their stuff together. An announcement for a new single is much more exciting when you know one of your other favourite musicians will also be jumping in […]

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