Let your Music Taste change with the Seasons

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The world of music is diverse, diverse in artists, diverse in music styles and diverse in its audiences. With this, shouldn’t music also be diverse depending on the season of the year? With autumn ushering in and winter not too soon in line, the music you play in your venue should offer the best of these approaching seasons – from Ella Fitzgerald’s Autumn In New York to Michael Bublé’s cover of It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.

Keeping up with the latest music trends and the music best suited to the various seasons of the year can be a problem when you need to prioritise your valuable time towards other efforts within a business and this is something we understand. With a soundjack background music system, you’re always in control. Simply tell us what type of music you want your playlists to feature and we’ll create and update them for you. Not only this but if you’re in the mindset of giving your consumers more control, you can enable an option to allow your consumers to control the background music played in your venue by selecting tracks from your playlist using our award-winning app.

There are many advantages to treating your consumer with a taste of music best fit for the time of year: one of these being that the right music for the right seasonal mood may just persuade a consumer to stick around longer, thus inevitably then making a purchase. Matching your music to the mood of your consumer will also boost the respectability you receive in the eyes of your audience, as they then relate your venue as one with good music and a good atmosphere. Plus, why not make the most of the seasonal changes by fully embracing the seasons that everyone appreciates!

In fact, a study published in Psychology Today by psychologist Terry Pettijohn found that as individuals, we go out of our way to change our playlists due to change in seasons. This was due to the different physical challenges and emotions that the different seasons may present to us, from winter bringing colder temperatures and days of less light, to the summer season that stretches out the available daylight and keeping us feeling warm, inside and outside.

Season Study

In the study, participants were asked to choose out of four musical preferences that they most likely opt for in various scenarios. These four musical preferences being: reflexive and complex (classical, blues, folk & jazz), intense and rebellious (alternative, rock, & heavy metal), upbeat and conventional (country, religious, pop, & soundtracks/theme songs) as well as energetic and rhythmic (dance/electronica, rap/hip-hop, & soul/funk).

They found that during autumn and winter, those partaking in the test opted for a more of a classical, blues, folk and jazz vibe, whilst meanwhile in summer, dance/electronica came out on top. The study came to the conclusion that complex and serious music is listened to mostly in the harsher seasons (autumn & winter) whereas, lively and active music was listened to mostly in the more chilled seasons (spring & summer). With soundjack, you can ensure your background music systems will always have the right music for the right season and occasion, with premade playlists being quick, easy and simple to change.

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