Jacks of London ‘Jack it up’ with soundjack


Jacks of London, the original modern barber, are a high-end grooming brand with a strong focus on providing an optimal customer experience. They don’t want to be ‘just alright’…it doesn’t cut it!

The Jacks of London brand is designed to appeal to fashion-conscious men. With England goalkeeper ‘Jack Butland’ representing their latest marketing campaigns, the company have demonstrated a great understanding of what appeals to their target audience.

Knowing that music also plays a vital role in creating the right environment for modern consumers, Jacks of London have opted to have soundjack installed throughout their entire estate of salons across the UK.

soundjack is an award-winning background music app, bringing background music to the forefront of business. Customers can download the soundjack app to their smartphone or tablet, then select and play songs from within a pre-selected library of music created specifically for that business. The venue can choose to offer the service free to their customers, or for a small nominal fee, whichever they prefer. The latter creates a revenue for businesses where there may previously have only been costs.

At Jacks of London the soundjack app allows customers to choose the music that they would like to listen to, while they are enjoying a grooming treatment. It will also allow the business to display what music is currently being played within their other outlets, via their website.

A Jacks of London representative said:

“soundjack fits ideally with our cool and trendy brand. We currently have four stores but more will be opening soon.”

James Luck from Soundnet said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Jacks of London, which is a really exciting brand that has always thought outside the box. Their partnership with Jack Butland is very exciting for us, especially with the Euros starting. We are sure their clientele will enjoy using the soundjack App in store and online.”

To find out more about background music for salons visit the soundjack website or call us now on 0207 644 8880.

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