How To Improve Your Hotel Bar

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Looking for ways to improve your hotel bar?

“Be our guest”

  • * Do you tailor the music you play in your hotel bar to the time of day, the season or the occasion?
  • * And ensure that the atmosphere matches the mood of your guests, be it upbeat and carefree or intimate and romantic?

If you answered “no” to either question, then a tablet-based music system holds the key to giving your guests a more memorable and enjoyable experience (as well as increasing the amount they spend).

We’re inviting you to “be our guest” and find out more.

Boost your brand and profits…

First things first, if you’re not playing the right music in your hotel bar, you’re doing nothing for the power of your brand. There’s nothing like a random mishmash of tunes to destroy the atmosphere, fast. However, play music that appeals to your customers and not only will they have an enjoyable experience, but the stats prove they’re more likely to spend more and stay for longer.

…and your guests’ enjoyment

You might think that you’re better off playing it safe and avoiding music altogether. But you’d be missing a trick. Silence can be very disconcerting for your guests, while music at the right volume facilitates conversation.

Every bar’s different and you’ll enhance the ambience by creating the right music mood in yours. With soundjack, that’s easy. Here’s how we do it:

  • * First, we assess the weekly usage of your bar (or bars).
  • * Next, we align music styles to the daily clientele or mood required – for example, up tempo for loud drinking sessions, but laid back during day time meetings.
  • * Finally, we ensure these styles are loaded in timed profiles.

Plus, why not really give your guests something to remember you by?

Our award-winning app empowers them to pick the music (from your pre-agreed playlist, of course). As a result, they’ll engage with your brand and feel that they’re contributing to (and even reinforcing) the atmosphere you’ve created.

A simple-to-manage service…

If all that sounds complex, it really isn’t. soundjack is incredibly easy to operate and manage.

  • * A designated administrator from your business can have access to one or all hotels in your group using the soundjack dashboard.
  • * Alternatively, we can remotely manage and adjust your music profiles, including automatic upgrades and timers.

And that’s the case, even if you have more than one bar in your hotel. (Remember, we’ll have designed playlists to match the discrete needs of every area.) For example, if you have a sports bar and a residents’ lounge, each zone would have its own player, enabling local or central management of the music.

… with a touch of class

With soundjack, you don’t just get personalised playlists tailored to your guests’ needs and the occasion.

  • * Why not leverage our short music timers?
  • * They kick in at designated times of day – for example, string quartet music works well during afternoon tea – to leave guests in no doubt of the event they’re attending.

Ultimately, we guarantee that your hotel bar (or bars) will enjoy all the benefits that the appropriate musical style delivers. What’s more, the contemporary selection is regularly refreshed automatically online so you don’t need to worry about updating the playlist.

Follow this advice, and there’s no way guests will be drawn to the cheap bar down the road. They’ll be contributing to the fantastic atmosphere in yours.

Put our (tablet-based music) service to the test! Get in touch for your free demo.

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