Choosing The Right Christmas Music For Your Business

Christmas Music for your Business

Christmas songs can come in many different styles and structures of the whole musical array, from the modern Christmas Pop to the carols that we all know of so very dearly, to the Christmas rock songs that are there to get us up and rocking round the Christmas tree! When it comes to deciding on the right Christmas music for your business, it is important we get it right for our consumers and those of whom share the working environment with us.

Your target market, the type of business, as well as the atmosphere you wish to present will all play a big part in discovering the best Christmas music for your establishment. Restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops and bakeries are all examples of a setting in which would be frequented by people of a wide range of ages, thus the music designated for here should be ambient and not too overwhelming – remember, you’ll still need to hear your customers order. Music such as background music, or foreground music which isn’t too blaring would be best.

An example of foreground music found on soundjack:

Maybe your venue is an upbeat and positive place that tries to focus on the younger demographic? Trendy clothes stores, cocktail bars and gyms are all examples that might come to mind. Venues like this should take a different approach to their music, opting for more Christmas pop, rock and Indie Christmas songs over more “classical”. Artists from Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber have over the years catered to this demographic, with thousands of songs being available for these audiences.

Example of such song, available on the soundjack platform:

Another example:

The pacing of music is also important when choosing the appropriate music for your business, stores that sell furniture, food and other products may decide upon a well-paced but slow tempo playlist of songs to motivate their consumer to spend more of their time in the shop. A fast and speedy tempo song may limit the sales carried out by the shopper as it could be demotivating or depressing, working as something to “rush” people through the store. An investigation by marketing professor Ronald E. Milliban explored this theory back in the 1980s and discovered that indeed the tempo of a store’s background music can influence both the pace of customer traffic flow as well as sales volume. Customers are able to have more time to discover and interact with products, with the experiment proving that the sales volume increased by 38% higher on days when the stores played slower background music.

Example of a song that would be appropriate to use:

It’s also very important that the Christmas song is appropriate for the age and demographic of your business, some Christmas songs may feature inappropriate remarks that may not be acceptable for a younger audience, whilst others may be more applicable to a wide audience.

Types of Christmas genres

The buck no longer stops at traditional Christmas carols, it now encapsulates other genres such as more modern carols, Christmas novelty songs, Xmas pop songs, TV film and theatre introduced Christmas songs amongst a wide range of other genres. Each genre is very different to its other and with such an array now available, there are thousands of avenues with different music styles you could take when it comes to playing the right kind of song for your business.

Just remember, never play your Christmas tunes too early in your business. Or do – as radio programmers believe listeners stick with the first station to change to a seasonal theme, so maybe the same aspect will work when it comes to your store or venue. Try it.

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