Check out these stats about background music

Check out these stats about background music header

Check out these stats about background music

Whatever the nature of your business, background music has the power to:

  • * Build your brand.
  • * Bump up your sales figures.
  • * Boost your team’s productivity.

And we’ve got the stats to prove it.

Background music helps build your brand

Your background music tells your customers something about who you are as a brand. It creates an emotional connection with them, which delivers a competitive advantage to you.

Check this out:

  • * 46% of managers and business owners agreed that playing music for customers said something about their brand and “who they are” as a business. (Source: DJS Research)
  • * 93% of bars and pubs believe that playing the correct music creates a better atmosphere for customers (Source: MusicWorks)
  • * 96% of gym members (who don’t attend exercise classes) prefer listening to music by original artists. (Source: YouGov plc)
  • * 80% of customers would like to hear music when visiting a salon. (Source: Vision Critical)

Background music helps you sell more

From encouraging repeat business to persuading customers to stay longer or spend more, the correlation between music and sales across multiple industries is staggering. Here are a few stats to prove the point:

  • * One in five businesses – and one in four retailers – say they would lose business if they turned the music off. (Source: Vision Critical 2012)
  • * 76% of customers in travel agents that play music feel more relaxed shopping. (Source: RED)
  • * Music in bars and pubs increases sales by an average of 44%. (Source: CGA)
  • * One in 10 managers and business owners say they would go out of business if they had to turn off the music permanently. (Source: DJS Research)
  • * 90% of hairdressers agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business. (Source: Vision Critical)

Background music equals a productive team

Finally, background music is also incredibly effective when it comes to boosting team morale and enhancing your working environment. You’ll see what we mean when you read these stats:

  • * 65% of businesses say that music in the workplace makes us more productive. (Source Vision Critical)
  • * A massive 91% of managers and business owners either “agreed” or “agreed strongly” that playing music makes customers and staff happier. (Source DJS Research)
  • * 81% of hairdressers say that playing music puts staff in a happier mood. (Source: Vision Critical)
  • * 61% of small retailers say staff are more productive when music is played. (Source: Vision Critical)

Convinced? We thought so. But you need to make sure the music you’re playing is legal. Read our other blog post on whether your background music is legal here.

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