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  • 20 Great Music Video Collaborations Of The 21st Century

    We all love a good music collaboration. They bring our favourite artists all together in one place, allow us to hear their talents combine and see them strut their stuff together. An announcement for a new single is much more exciting when you know one of your other favourite musicians will also be jumping in […]

  • How To Choose What Music To Listen To At Work

    It should come as no surprise that the music that we listen to plays a role in how we think and feel. That is, after all, why we enjoy listening to music. To allow us to relax at home, to motivate us when we’re at the gym, and everything else in between. So, of course, […]

  • Real Celebrities vs Wax Models: Can you tell?

    Let’s play a game of celebrity spot the difference.. Madame Tussauds is a massive tourist attraction with 20 museums across America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Known for their scarily realistic waxwork models, Madame Tussauds have plenty of replicas of our favourite music stars to go around. From Pharrell to Lorde, they’ve got them all…But can […]

  • Do You Remember ?

    Do you remember? When Madonna dressed up as a pimp with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears at the VMAs in 2003… and had a three-way kiss! Christina and Britney had know each other growing up alongside Justin Timberlake in the Mickey Mouse Club before both diving into successful careers with hits such as ‘Genie in […]

  • Has "Halloween" finally "made it"?

    Too Ghoul For School…   More people have been out celebrating this US imported  festivity than ever… and its not all kids “Trick or Treating”.  To honor the annual celebration of the most haunted day of the year, we’ve thrown together a list of songs that should be included on this year’s Halloween playlist!   Starting with […]

  • Lyrically fine(d) ??

    Strange Lyrics To Get You Head Around   This week at soundjack we have decided to have a look into some lyrics we find particularly strange/ food for thought! As always, if you soundjackers can think of any that we’ve forgotten, let us know on Twitter @soundjackuk! First off…   ‘Lucky that my breasts are […]

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!     You may not know this but on the soundjack app you can find out the charts of any date. So if, for example, you would like to know who was topping the charts on your day of birth all you have to do is the following…   Open the app and […]

  • Songs & Shots

    Songs and Shots Here at soundjack we understand the importance of music on a night out and that when there’s a shot, there’s always a song that should follow! So as a special initiation to our soundjack blog and with the help of our existing soundjackers, we have come up with a few song/shot combinations […]

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