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  • Why Music Streaming Continues to Grow

    If 2016 was said to be the year music streaming became the industry’s saviour and 2017 was the year streaming revenue surpassed physical music sales then 2018 is the year that streaming continues to go to bigger heights, with streaming currently accounting for more than half of the UK’s music consumption. In the past year, […]

  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy While They Wait

    5 Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy While They’re Waiting To Be Seen Let’s face it. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. So you need to do everything in your power to make the experience a pleasurable one. After all, the last thing you want is your customers muttering under their breath about your terrible […]

  • 5 ways to increase customer spend in your restaurant

      5 ways to increase customer spend in your restaurant Money can’t buy happiness, or so they say. But, in a sense, the reverse is true, as happiness (amongst other emotions) will definitely encourage your customers to spend more money in your restaurant… 1 – Reward and incentivise your loyal customers According to research, repeat […]

  • 5 Benefits Of Great Background Music

    5 Benefits Of Great Background Music *68% of pubs and bars believe that good music encourages repeat business *73% think that it has a direct impact on sales *93% believe that playing the correct music creates a better atmosphere for customers When you look at these statistics (taken from research carried out by MusicWorks), the […]

  • Should You Let Customers Choose The Music?

    Modern technology over the years has allowed businesses to engage with their customers on a greater scale than ever before, and businesses have been taking full advantage of this new company-customer relationship to push their brand into new directions and build up their customer loyalty. From social media polls to decide what products to discount next […]

  • The Unfortunate Failings of British Eurovision Entries

    Year after year, Britain enters Eurovision – flying their annual act half way across Europe only to return empty handed. Not do they come within a slither of winning either, but regularly rank near last, if not last place in the full Eurovision ranking list. Britain’s failings on the Eurovision have gone on for over […]

  • 5 Easter Eggs Hidden within Popular Music Videos

    It may have been a month since Easter, but that doesn’t stop us looking for easter eggs – no, not the chocolate kind of ones but the hidden message/meaning or insider’s joke that can be found tucked away within a music video. How many of these did you previously spot? 1. Lady Gaga – Telephone […]

  • How Hotels Can Use Music To Enhance Guests’ Experience

    Hotel background music is an integral part of a hotel’s brand identity, but many hotels aren’t using background music to their full advantage. If used strategically, the music played can have a positive effect on your customers and influence their decision to stay there again in future and spread word-of-mouth recommendations. But the music has to be coherent with the […]

  • The Effect of Christmas Music on Shopping Behaviour

    The holidays are upon us! And it has now become impossible to go anywhere without hearing Christmas songs in the background. But why is it that so many businesses choose to play Christmas background music? Put simply, Christmas music puts us all in that festive mood which then prompts us to spend more. It’s a constant reminder […]

  • Playing Music In Your Hairdressers Or Beauty Salon

    Playing background music in your hairdressers or beauty salon is all part of the experience for your customers, shaping your brand by acting as a powerful component to creating the perfect atmosphere in your salon. It can leave an unforgettable impression on your customers and affect their perception of your business, so the music you choose […]

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