Can I use Spotify for my Business?


Can I use Spotify for my Business?

Quick answer: No. You can’t. At least, not legally.

Not in the UK, anyway. In Sweden, Spotify’s motherland, businesses are able to pay to use the exclusive provider of Spotify Business and Spotify Enterprise but this service is unavailable elsewhere and limited to Sweden only. By using Spotify for your business in the UK, you leave your business vulnerable to all sorts of legal issues and the heavy fines and legal fees could destroy your business financially. Think you can get away with it? You’d be surprised how active undercover auditors and mystery shoppers are, visiting various business premises under the guise of a regular customer and reporting any illegal or questionable activity.

Even if you pay each month for the Spotify Premium account, your agreement with Spotify only entitles you to the personal use of the software. Spotify are not licensed for commercial use in the UK, and by using Spotify as so you are breaking the music licensing laws. The same goes for playing any music which you have bought, in the form of CDs and MP3s too. You have only paid for the right to play the music non-commercially.

So although your first solution to background music for your business might be to simply create a suitable playlist on Spotify and plug in your sound system, is it really worth it? No. Not when there is a Spotify Business alternative that boasts many of the same features as Spotify – with all the same tracks both old and new from your favourite music artists, and with the ability to create playlists and manage your music brand – but, unlike Spotify, is completely legal to use at your commercial premises.

Spotify Business Alternative

Spotify Business Alternative - soundjack


If you’re looking for a Spotify Enterprise or Spotify Business alternative,
soundjack could be the solution for you!

In addition to all of the regular music streaming features that you would expect from Spotify, soundjack also provides you with the option to enable customer interaction with the background music playing. So you have a choice between using soundjack as a fully-controlled background music system or let your customers take control of the background music via their own smartphones using a jukebox-like pay-per-play system. Customers can download the soundjack app for free and choose their own background music, which also allows you to use the soundjack app to advertise other services and products available at your business.

soundjack comes as an application pre-installed onto the soundjack tablet, that automatically updates each week with all the latest music. All you need is a wifi connection – we’ll even help to install and provide any speakers and sound systems for your business. From the soundjack dashboard, you can remotely manage a single business site or your entire estate and even set up different playlists to come on at different times of the day. If you choose to use the pay-per-play mode, you can use the soundjack dashboard to receive key information such as music plays and income. Want a combination of both modes, allowing your customers to pick and choose the background music but only from pre-approved track lists? You can do that too!

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