5 Benefits Of Great Background Music

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5 Benefits Of Great Background Music

  • *68% of pubs and bars believe that good music encourages repeat business
  • *73% think that it has a direct impact on sales
  • *93% believe that playing the correct music creates a better atmosphere for customers

When you look at these statistics (taken from research carried out by MusicWorks), the message is loud and clear for entertainment industry operators: Keep calm and let the music play!

Whether you’re responsible for selling music-related technology and equipment – or selecting the right products to keep your business ahead of the rest – the benefits of background music are plentiful for bars, boozers, food pubs, cafés and restaurants.

1 – Lengthen customer stay

The longer customers stay, the more they’re likely to spend. What’s more, a buzzing venue gives off a good vibe, encouraging more people to enter.

  • *Numerous studies have conclusively linked background music with length of customer stay
  • *But, remember, you need to know your market and pick the music of the right genre, tempo and volume

Time to sort that playlist…

2 – Boost customer spend

And it doesn’t stop at length of stay. Playing the right music also gives you (or your customer) the power to boost spend.

  • *Pubs playing music take on average 44% more than those that don’t (Source: CGA) and that would include machines
  • *82% of drinkers said they’d buy another if they were enjoying the music (Source:MusicWorks)

3 – Encourage repeat business

It’s not rocket science. Playing the right background music builds a connection between customers and brand, enhancing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

  • *Music evokes emotions, helping you build connections with your customers
  • *So, even on an subconscious level, playing music that appeals to your customers is likely to encourage them to come back to you
  • *And if you get the music right for a venue they are also more likely to stick with you as an Operator

4 – Enhance staff performance

And it isn’t all about customers. According to MusicWorks, playing music at work also increases staff productivity, which means your customers will see the following benefits:

  • *One in three workers is less likely to take time off sick if music they like is played at work
  • *It also enhances productivity, alertness and team interaction

5 – Build your reputation

Ultimately, background music is a tool that businesses can use to influence the way they’re perceived. Used right, it has the power to drive decisions, build your reputation and keep a venue on-side.

  • *Operators that buy for or sell to bars, pubs and restaurants are increasingly relying on music services like soundjack
  • *Delivering complete control via a tablet, customers can get involved in music selection via the app

It’s about time your business reaps the benefits of background music. Get in touch to learn more.

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