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soundjack - background music for shops & retail

Create the right environment instore with a professional profiled music service.

Whether you are a corner shop, fashion retailer, petrol station, shoe shop or high street chain, soundjack offers you the latest in music profiling and customer interactivity with our ground breaking background music system.

We will create a bespoke music profile for you and keep your customers instore browsing for longer with a fully managed and easily installed background music system.


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soundjack also gives you the facility to allow your customers to choose and play songs, from a preselected music library, via their phones using the soundjack app. The soundjack app is available for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store.


  • soundjack - Bespoke music profiling

    Bespoke music profiling

    the right music played at the right time. Music curated by Soundnet

  • soundjack - Online music system

    Online music system

    always up to date and easy to manage

  • soundjack - Phone app integration

    Phone app integration

    let your customers interact with the music in your venue using the soundjack app

  • soundjack - Plug and play solution

    Plug and play solution

    simply connect the soundjack BGM tablet to your amps and speakers

  • soundjack - No fixed term contracts

    No fixed term contracts

    flexible terms for single site and multi site businesses.

  • soundjack - another bullet heading

    Fully legal, PPL & MCPS compliant

    enjoy the music - all royalties & copying licences have been paid


How it works

What types of shops can benefit from background music?+-

All retail stores can benefit from shop background music, from independent retailers to nationwide high street chains. Retail outlets can vary greatly in branding and product range, and the music you play in your store needs to reflect this in order to effectively target the right demographic for your business. The type of music you play in your shop can influence your customers' perception of product quality and pricing. Depending on your brand and target demographic, this can be used to encourage shoppers to pay more for a product (due to the perception of it being of higher quality) or spend less on individual items but buy more in quantity.

Background music for shops can be used to increase sales of clothes, shoes, groceries, electronics and more. Whether you're a department store, a high street chain, a discount shop or an independent boutique retailer, your in-store music is a core component of your customers' shopping experience and should be seriously considered as part of your marketing strategy.

Luckily, we have a team of music experts on hand to help you fully manage your music brand across all your store locations or within a single outlet.

How can background music for shops influence in-store purchases?+-

There have been numerous studies on the correlation between customer behaviour and background music played at shops. But, like many in-store marketing strategies, there's an art to optimising the background music to the shopping experience that you would like to create for your customers.

Many shops (such as discount stores and convenience shops) rely on a fast traffic flow throughout the store, either throughout the day or closer to closing time when you want people to start leaving. High-volume, fast-paced background music in shops may not necessarily be to your customers' liking but studies have shown that they are effective at causing customers to shop quicker. This in itself could be beneficial for shops that rely on impulse purchases and discount bargains throughout the store as customers' sense of urgency can influence them to put more in their basket without time for second thoughts.

Slower paced music may be more suitable for shops that sell expensive items, to encourage customers to feel more relaxed about their large purchase and enjoy a comfortable shopping experience as they deliberate between certain products. Slower paced shop music encourages browsing, which may also lead to them buying additional purchases.

Research has shown that shop background music can also influence your customers' perception of product quality. For example, playing classical music in a high-end shop can improve your customers' perception of the quality of your product range and therefore make the price tag feel less heavy. This strategy, however, would not be suited to a discount shop where customers may be influenced into subconsciously thinking that the products are too expensive for what they are. Instead, "low quality" but upbeat pop music can be used to make products seem cheaper.

How does soundjack let my customers interact with the shop background music?+-

Our background music system for shops gives you the ability to allow your customers to interact with the in-store music. Using our free, award-winning app, your customers can choose from five million songs in our library - including all the popular new releases and decades of chart music. If you'd rather limit your customers' choice of shop music, you can create your own libraries for them to select from. It's the perfect solution for shops that cater to a very specific demographic. For example, if your shop sells alternative clothing and rock music merchandise, you may want to create your own libraries for customers to select from, to ensure that you won't lose any customers over one shopper's Britney Spears selection. For more mainstream outlets, you could limit customer song choices to the UK Top 40 chart singles.

Customers are able to play the tracks for free or add credits to their soundjack app account if you switch on pay-per-play mode, and share their song choice through their Facebook and Twitter (tagging your shop in their post, of course). In pay-per-play mode, you can even see detailed statistics on the income generated through your shop background music as well as your customers' favourites!

Allowing your customers to interact with the shop background music can be great for shops that want to encourage more browsing through the store. Ideal for stores with customers who shop their as a social event within a group, browsing and trying things on together. The ability to choose their own background music may keep them in-store for longer, potentially increasing the number of items they purchase!

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