soundjack background music for restaurants

soundjack - background music for restaurants

Get the ambience right for your restaurant with a profiled music service.

soundjack is a fully-managed, tablet-based background music system for restaurants, coffee shops and cafés. The music you play in your restaurant can have as much of an influential effect on your customers as the decor or the attentiveness of your staff. Creating the right ambience for your eatery is absolutely essential – music is a crucial part of the modern dining experience.

Whether you are looking for contemporary jazz, classical the latest cool beats or something more traditional, soundjack background music can provide you with the perfect music for your restaurant, cafe or diner. soundjack will work with you to create a bespoke music profile that fits your exact requirements. 


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soundjack lets your customers choose and play songs, from a preselected music library, via their phones using the soundjack app. The soundjack app is available for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store.


  • soundjack - Bespoke music profiling

    Bespoke music profiling

    the right music played at the right time. Music curated by Soundnet

  • soundjack - Online music system

    Online music system

    always up to date and easy to manage

  • soundjack - Phone app integration

    Phone app integration

    let your customers interact with the music in your venue using the soundjack app

  • soundjack - Plug and play solution

    Plug and play solution

    simply connect the soundjack BGM tablet to your amps and speakers

  • soundjack - No fixed term contracts

    No fixed term contracts

    flexible terms for single site and multi site businesses.

  • soundjack - another bullet heading

    Fully legal, PPL & MCPS compliant

    enjoy the music - all royalties & copying licences have been paid


How it works

What types of restaurants can benefit from background music?+-

From fine dining restaurants to the humble café or coffee shop, restaurant background music can help to shape your brand and attract your target customers. Using the soundjack dashboard, you can easily create timed playlists to complement your restaurant's dining atmosphere during breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

Different kinds of background music will influence your customers' behaviour in different ways depending on the type of dining establishment. Slow-tempo background music may result in slower dining and more relaxed conversation at the table - which may be beneficial if you are trying to increase customer dwell time in order to encourage more drink sales, but not so much if you run a fast food restaurant where you rely on a faster turnover of customers.

Tempo is just one of the many things to consider when selecting background music for your restaurant, café, coffeehouse or bistro. Luckily, we have a team of music experts on hand to help you fully manage your music brand.

How does soundjack let my customers interact with the restaurant background music?+-

Our background music system for restaurants gives you the ability to allow your customers to interact with the music played at your venue. Using our free award-winning app, your customers can choose from over five million songs in our library - including all the popular new releases and decades of chart music. If you'd rather limit your customer's choice of restaurant music, you can create your own libraries for them to select from. Customers are then able to play the tracks for free or add credits to their soundjack account using PayPal and Payforit, and share their song choice through their Facebook and Twitter (tagging your restaurant in their post, of course).

This feature is great for encouraging longer dwell times at your establishment, especially for more casual venues such as cafés and coffee shops where people may stop for lunch or groups of young people may hang out after college. By allowing your customers to choose the background music in your coffee shop or café, they may be encouraged to stay for one more coffee or even add a cake to their bill. And, with pay-per-play, you can make money from every track played on top of any additional customer purchases.

If you're using soundjack in pay-per-play mode, you can even see detailed analytics on the income generated through your restaurant background music.

How can background music influence restaurant purchases?+-

There have been numerous studies on the correlation between customer behaviour and the background music played at restaurants. For restaurants with above average menu prices and a middle-aged demographic, for example, slow-tempo classical music has been shown to increase the amount of bar purchases in comparison to fast-paced music. The research study showed an average of 3.04 additional drinks per customer group due to longer dwell time. The amount spent on food, however, was relatively the same and the slow music can actually cause customers to eat slower.

High-volume music, in addition to fast tempo, can potentially increase table turnover with studies showing that customers will eat and drink faster when there is loud or fast restaurant background music. Depending on the type of restaurant, the faster consumption of drinks can result in more drinks purchases.

Dining experience can be significantly improved with the right choice of music. In a fine dining restaurant, classical music can even affect the taste of your customers and influence them into perceiving the food to be of higher quality. In the complete absence of music, customers can feel uncomfortable or distracted by the sounds of cutlery and dishes in the restaurant surrounding them.

Similarly, restaurants that play loud background music can expect to attract a younger demographic than restaurants that play quiet background music. The type of music you decide to play at your restaurant will vary greatly depending on your brand and demographic but, undeniably, the right choice in background music for restaurants can help to increase your revenue.

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