background music for pubs

With the right pub background music solution, your customers won't want to leave!

soundjack is a fully-managed, tablet-based background music system for pubs, clubs and bars. Whether your customers are looking for a quiet drink or a party atmosphere, soundjack provides the perfect soundtrack for their night out. We understand you don't have the time to trawl through music libraries, continually selecting songs and building tracklists so we helpfully manage this for you.

Through our music system, soundjack offers the best premium music mixes that will cater towards your venue, including jukebox classics, happy hour vibes and music simply to chill out. With an easy-to-use user interface that you or your staff can use to browse, select and change the music from anywhere in your pub, club or bar, things could not be easier!

100% LEGAL – it is illegal to use iTunes or Spotify in a pub or bar.
soundjack background music for pubs is a fully legal system.

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With 93% of bars and pubs agreeing that playing the correct music creates a better atmosphere for customers, and a study discovering that music in bars and pubs increases sales by an average of 44%, investing in music for pubs, bars and clubs with soundjack is most definitely worthwhile!

With CURIOPlayer and soundjack, you can choose from various playlists that best align with your pub or bar from our preselected music library via your phone.



  • soundjack - Bespoke music profiling

    Bespoke music profiling

    the right music played at the right time. Music curated by PlayNetwork

  • soundjack - Online music system

    Online music system

    always up to date and easy to manage

  • soundjack - Phone app integration


    manage music playback from most web-enabled devices

  • soundjack - Plug and play solution

    Plug and play solution

    simply connect the soundjack BGM tablet to your amps and speakers

  • soundjack - No fixed term contracts

    No fixed term contracts

    flexible terms for single site and multi site businesses.

  • soundjack - another bullet heading

    Fully legal, PPL & MCPS compliant

    enjoy the music - all royalties & copying licences have been paid


Examples of the types of music mixes we can offer your pub or bar:

  • Jukebox Classics: A lighthearted and fun mix of classic hits drawing from a massive array of musical styles and eras including pop, rock, R&B, adult alternative, country, jazz, and big band. Includes genres such as Country, Iconic, Pop, R&B and Rock.
  • Bar – Happy Hour: Designed to keep the energy lively and kinetic, this mix is a wide-ranging blend of new and old favourites that are ideal for a fun happy hour environment. Includes genres such as Pop, Rock and R&B.
  • Chill Out: A unique mix of relaxed downtempo grooves, atmospheric pop, and textured beats. Calmly blending lush instrumentals with subtle vocal tracks, this mix emphasizes mood over familiarity. Includes genres such as Electronic.

How it works

What types of pubs and bars can benefit from background music?+-

From family-friendly country pubs and roadhouses to sports bars and pub chains, background music has its place in all types of pubs and bars. Pubs and music go together like... well, pubs and drinks! Pubs have historically even inspired their own music genres such as Pub Rock. It's just a matter of finding the right pub background music to suit your patrons!

Using the soundjack dashboard, you can easily create timed playlists depending on the time of day and the types of patronage you attract throughout the day. Whether people pop in for a coffee in the morning, lunchtime drink or after work socialising, you'll probably notice different moods throughout the day. Different kinds of background music will influence your customers' behaviour in different ways and create different pub atmospheres, and some songs may work for lunch time that just wouldn't work for the evenings. For example, many pubs and bars will play something a little more relaxed and at a quieter volume during the daylight hours, but pump up the volume and tempo a little more from evening onwards.

Luckily, we have a team of music experts on hand to help you fully manage your music brand and compile a music library to suit your customers.

How can background music improve pub atmosphere?+-

Background music can be an intrinsic component in creating the right pub atmosphere. The music played in a pub or a bar can immediately affect your perception of the establishment from the moment you step through the door, helping to establish the venue's brand identity and culture.

The trouble is, when you don't have a background music plan, you often end up leaving it to whoever's behind the bar at the time. And they might just treat the responsibility like having their personal headphones in, without really acknowledging the fact that the pub background music isn't there for them, it's there for the customers. They might be in the mood to listen to Taylor Swift's new album, but that doesn't mean that everyone else at the bar does too.

Perhaps in the afternoon, you tend to get the older generation pop in for a drink. You have to cater to your audience. Be aware of the customer. Different demographics will appreciate different types of music, and at different volumes. You don't want to assault your customers' ears and drown out customers' conversations. It is key to identify the type of atmosphere that your customers want at different times of day, and what pub background music best accompanies that atmosphere.

What advantages does using pub background music bring?+-

Our background music system for pubs and bars offers up the best music mixes for your venue, whilst giving you the ability to still be in control of the music flavour to get everyone in the mood. Using our web UI on any internet-connected device, you can choose from hundreds of different mixes to tailor a wide variety of businesses and venue locations - including mixes that feature all the popular new releases and decades of chart music. We'd like to see any traditional pub jukebox compete with that!

We offer a wide variety of pub background music, as we understand that every pub or bar tends to have a specific demographic that they cater to, so if you're a rock bar, you can be certain our rock mixes won't see any Britney!

With the perfect background pub music, you'll be encouraging longer dwell times - especially for those music lovers who like to gather with their friends for a drink and listen to music! Watch as "one more song" turns into "one more pint"!

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