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Entertain your customers & keep your staff happy with the latest music technology.

soundjack is a fully-managed, tablet-based background music system for beauty salons and hairdressers. We can provide you with a legal music service for your hair salon, beauty parlour or barber shop, which will entertain your customers and create the right atmosphere for your business.

You may feel that simply playing the radio is the best option for providing music at your salon, but your customers will appreciate a more profiled service with the perfect mixes whilst they await their hair appointment. Staff can also take control of the music vibe simply by accessing an online user interface.

soundjack offers 100% legal hairdressers background music, which is easy to install.

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According to research carried out in a study, playing music in your hairdressers or salon can boost your business' income. Approximately 80% of the 2000 research participants in the UK claimed that the music played in a salon is important to the atmosphere of an establishment. The Hairdressers Journal, in relation to the research, has stated that music can be just as important as interior design when it comes to creating your ideal salon atmosphere.

With CURIOPlayer and soundjack, you can choose from various playlists that best align with your hairdressers or salon from our preselected music library via your phone.



  • soundjack - Bespoke music profiling

    Bespoke music profiling

    the right music played at the right time. Music curated by PlayNetwork

  • soundjack - Online music system

    Online music system

    always up to date and easy to manage

  • soundjack - Phone app integration


    manage music playback from most web-enabled devices

  • soundjack - Plug and play solution

    Plug and play solution

    simply connect the soundjack BGM tablet to your amps and speakers

  • soundjack - No fixed term contracts

    No fixed term contracts

    flexible terms for single site and multi site businesses.

  • soundjack - another bullet heading

    Fully legal, PPL & MCPS compliant

    enjoy the music - all royalties & copying licences have been paid


Examples of the types of music mixes we can offer your hair salon, beauty parlour or barber shop:

  • UK Charts: A fresh mix of the best music charting in the UK. This mix includes music from today’s most popular artists in pop, dance, indie, R&B, rock, and more, from both the UK and abroad. Includes genres such as Pop, Rock, Club & Dance and R&B.
  • Stylish Pop: A deep mix of upbeat sophisticated pop that emphasizes fashion-friendly rhythms and focuses on a diverse blend of artists and genres. Includes genres such as Pop, Electronic, Singer-Songwriter and R&B.
  • Alternative Indie Blender: A unique blend of the best in alternative and indie music. From the 90s through today, this mix captures talented artists who are often ahead of their time. Includes genres such as Rock.

How it works

What types of salons can benefit from background music?+-

Hairdressers aren't the only ones who can benefit from playing salon background music. Background music can benefit a wide range of different beauty salons and parlours from hair and nail salons to tattoo parlours. Naturally, the type of salon you run, its brand and target demographic will all directly influence the type of music you play. Music can be such a core element of self-identification for so many people, it's no wonder that music plays such a huge part of the experience at a beauty salon. According to research by MusicWorks, approximately 80% of their 2000 participants claimed that beauty salon music is important to the salon's atmosphere. Whether you're primarily focused on tattoos and piercings or hair, nails and massage, background music for salons can be used to enhance customer experience. It's all about playing the right salon background music.

Luckily, we have a team of music experts on hand to help you fully manage your music brand!

How can my salon background music enhance the customer experience?+-

Everyone knows that beauty parlour and hairdresser clients are more likely to return on a regular basis if they find the salon or parlour to be a relaxing and welcoming environment. The beauty business is built on customer loyalty and relies on return visits to grow.

Music is a mood-evoking trigger and salons, no matter what type, are all about pampering the customer and making them feel as comfortable as possible. As different types of music affect moods in different ways, your choice of salon background music needs to specifically be tailored to the atmosphere that you're trying to create as well as your usual demographic. Low-volume music that's soft and slow-paced can soothe customers and give them a sense of tranquillity; perfect for spa and relaxation services such as massage and reflexology. This type of beauty salon music can also be used in the waiting areas for the spa treatments to build anticipation and calm your clients before the treatment.

However, lively beauty salons and hairdressers that encourage conversation and friendly interaction between customers and stylists may see more benefit in playing upbeat pop music. The type of music you decide to play at your salon will vary greatly depending on your brand and demographic but, undeniably, the right choice in background music can help to build your reputation and customer loyalty.

What advantages does using salon background music bring?+-

Our background music system for hairdressers offers up the best music mixes for your venue, whilst giving you the ability to be in control of the musical vibe that is played. Using our web UI on any internet-connected device, you can choose from hundreds of different mixes to tailor a wide variety of businesses and venue locations - including mixes that feature all the popular new releases and decades of chart music.

With a tailored mix, you can be certain to keep your customers happy in the waiting room and offer up that music 'feel' that'll settle a customer into their hair and beauty treatment. If you run a tattoo shop, your customers can feel more comfortable getting inked as they distract themselves from the procedure with their favourite music. Ensuring that your customers have a great experience at your salon will increase the likelihood of them recommending the salon to their friends and returning for their next hair appointment, manicure, pedicure, massage, piercing or tattoo!

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