soundjack background music system

introducing soundjack, a background music system

Looking for a commercial audio system offering background music for your venue? At soundjack, we offer a tablet-based background music solution with a profiled music service tailored for your business. It's simple: your customers use our award-winning soundjack app to pick and play your profiled music and we help create a unique form of engagement between your customers and your brand or venue.

  • soundjack - Bespoke music profling

    Bespoke music profiling

    the right music played at the right time. Music curated by Soundnet

  • soundjack - Online music system

    Online music system

    always up to date and easy to manage background music solution

  • soundjack - Phone app integration

    Phone app integration

    let your customers interact with the music in your venue using the soundjack app

  • soundjack - Plug and play solution

    Plug and play solution

    simply connect the soundjack BGM tablet to your amps and speakers

  • soundjack - No fixed term contracts

    No fixed term contracts

    flexible terms for a single site and multi-site businesses

  • soundjack - another bullet heading

    Fully legal, PPL & MCPS compliant

    enjoy the music - all royalties & copying licences have been paid


With our recent merger with PlayNetwork, who work with some of the most loved brands in the world, we have been able to bring the qualities of expertly curated music and unique media products to our base of UK specific customers - to see more of PlayNetwork services.

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Pubs & Bars - enhance the atmosphere

Whether your customers are looking for a quiet drink or a party atmosphere, soundjack provides the perfect soundtrack for every moment and occasion, a fine match for your pub, club or bar.

  • No need for you to trawl through music libraries, continually selecting songs.
  • You’re always in control. Tell us what type of music you want your playlists to feature and we’ll create and update them for you.
  • Give customers the option to control the background music by selecting tracks from your playlist using our award-winning app.

With an independent survey discovering that 68% of bars, pubs and clubs agree that music encourages repeat business, with 73% agreeing that playing music increases sales and results, you can be certain to excel with soundjack.

Background Music for Pubs

Restaurants & Cafés - musical flavours to be savoured

Whet your customers’ appetite with tailor-made playlists. You will be amazed by how the music increases your customers’ enjoyment AND the amount they spend in your restaurant, coffee bar or café.

For example, one study found that slow music increased food and drink sales by some 15%. With soundjack in your premises: 

  • The right music can perfectly balance your preferred ambience, customised for the right time of the day, the seasons and other special occasions.
  • You can allow your customers to select tracks from your playlist while they enjoy consuming other choices from your menu.
  • The soundjack app can also generate additional revenue for you via advertising and through allowing pay-per-play selections and track-bump.

From contemporary jazz to classical, the latest cool beats or something more traditional, soundjack provides the musical flavour your customers will savour.

Background Music for Restaurants & Cafés

Retail Stores - set the tone to increase sales

The sound of music resonates strongly with shoppers and has a significant influence on what they buy and how much they spend. If you run a single shop or have responsibility for numerous stores, it is important to play the right music at the right time.

Everything from music volume to tempo can have a strong influence on customer behaviour. For example:

  • Fast-tempo or loud background music can cause customers to move more quickly around the shop, but without reducing the volume of sales. 
  • Then again, depending on what you sell, slow music can often encourage shoppers to take their time and buy more.
  • If you sell more high-end merchandise, classical music can cause customers to develop a “richer taste” and opt for the more expensive items.

Your customers may not be aware but, subconsciously, they will be influenced by your background music. We create profiled playlists for you with the sole aim of maximising its effectiveness. 

Background Music for Shops

Hotels - relax all five of your senses

It doesn't matter if you run a boutique bed and breakfast or a luxury 5-star hotel, soundjack offers a professional and affordable choice for playing legal commercial background music in your premises.

  • Relaxing music in your spa. 
  • Contemporary vibes in your bar.
  • Tasteful tones in the restaurant.

Our playlists continuously evolve to meet your specific requirements covering everything from afternoon tea to Christmas cool and anything in between!

We will profile your business and manage its musical atmosphere by creating the perfect playlists to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Background Music for Hotels

Gyms - move in tune to the music

If you're looking for the perfect playlist for your gym to help work up a sweat, you won't have to look any further than a background music solution with soundjack. We offer a profiled and interactive music service that your members will appreciate. With a flavour dedicated from the spa to the gym, the sauna or the exercise classes, our background music system will be another good reason for coming back!

  • Music dedicated to the atmosphere.
  • Upbeat rhythm in the gym.
  • Accessible for customers to pick and play.

Music offers the listener something to focus on to help them relax, keep a steady rhythm or pump them up to train harder. Although it may not be realised at first, but the right music can truly change our workouts for the better.

Background Music for Gyms

Hairdressers - chop to the beat

Your customers deserve the best atmosphere to settle into when receiving a cut and style at their favourite hairdressers. It's important that a hairdresser gets the ambience at their store correct in order to put those in the chair at ease. With soundjack, we offer the option for the consumer to choose select tracks, best picked for your store, or the option to play preset playlists that fit with the vibe of your establishment.

  • An easy-to-use unique background music system.
  • The perfect ambience - no matter the style of hair salon you own.
  • Engage your consumers with both good hair & good music!

With 90% of hairdressers agreeing that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business and 71% of hairdressers saying that playing music puts staff in a happier mood, it would be a mistake not to!

Background Music for Hairdressers

How it works

How does soundjack let my customers interact with the music in my venue?+-

Let your customers take control of the music at your business venue, with our legally compliant background music service; featuring built-in soundjack functionality. Create and schedule playlists which allow your customers to pick the music in your venue through their smartphones - but only from tracks which are appropriate for your business! Using timers and profile solutions you can change exactly what music is played at any time of the day. Simply connect our tablet to your existing audio system for instant access to anything up-to 5 million songs, allowing you to create multiple playlists for your venue, whilst giving your customers the freedom to pick the music that they want to hear.

How is the music managed on soundjack bgm?+-

As a soundjack host, using our commercial background music player means you have access to an administrative system which collects important data about the music being played at your business. This includes information such as the most picked music tracks and which popular recent releases are most played at your venue. This online dashboard allows you to play audio to your customers that they are more likely to enjoy listening to, which in turn, will make them want to stay at your venue for longer, increasing profits for your business. soundjack also have a team of music experts ready to help you fully manage your music brand, actively controlling a single site or a whole estate remotely from your dashboard, so that you can concentrate on running your business when you need to. The soundjack background music system is suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

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