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  • What’s the difference between PPL and PRS for Music?

    PPL vs PRS for Music PRS for Music – Performing Rights Society for Music.. PPL – Phonographic Performance Limited But what’s the difference?! The UK music licensing industry is headed up by two major companies: PPL and PRS for Music, both coming from humble beginnings, their task was to ensure a fair deal for all that produce, […]

  • A Brighter Future for Background Music Law

    Embracing background music within your venue is great, allowing your guests and frequents to be immersed in an interactive musical experience that they won’t find easily anywhere else. But as we know, all greatness comes with its foreshadowing dilemmas and the one for background music is the legal requirements necessary for background music to even […]

  • Why Music Streaming Continues to Grow

    If 2016 was said to be the year music streaming became the industry’s saviour and 2017 was the year streaming revenue surpassed physical music sales then 2018 is the year that streaming continues to go to bigger heights, with streaming currently accounting for more than half of the UK’s music consumption. In the past year, […]

  • How To Improve Your Hotel Bar

    Looking for ways to improve your hotel bar? “Be our guest” * Do you tailor the music you play in your hotel bar to the time of day, the season or the occasion? * And ensure that the atmosphere matches the mood of your guests, be it upbeat and carefree or intimate and romantic? If […]

  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy While They Wait

    5 Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy While They’re Waiting To Be Seen Let’s face it. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. So you need to do everything in your power to make the experience a pleasurable one. After all, the last thing you want is your customers muttering under their breath about your terrible […]

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